2022 IFSC Brixen Boulder World Cup

IFSC Brixen 2022 Boulder World Cup Results

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IFSC Brixen 2022

IFSC Brixen Boulder World Cup is the 5th round of the IFSC Boulder World Cup event in 2022. The competition heads back to Europe after the back-to-back event in Salt Lake City USA. There are a total of 7 boulder world cup events in 2022 and we are now more than halfway through. With 2 more rounds to go in June at Innsbruck Austria and in Oct at Morioka, Iwate in Japan.

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Final Results

Natalia Grossman came into the finals as the hot favourite and she did not disappoint. However, Hannah Meul of Germany gave Natalia a run for her money by taking the lead after problem 2. After Hannah topped problem 4 on her second attempt, the gold medal was for Natalia to lose. And as expected she topped the last boulder problem in no more than two attempts giving her the win.

The action for bronze was just as intense. The bronze medal was decided by the last boulder problem with Miho Nonaka and Zhilu Luo, neck and neck after problem number 3. However, it was Zhilu Luo of China at only 16 years of age coming out on top to clinch her first world cup medal.

Natalia Grossman had won 4 boulder world cup gold medals in 2022. Her overall lead is almost double of Miho Nonaka who is in second place after Brixen. Although Janja Garnbret competed and won gold at the first IFSC Boulder World Cup of 2022 in Meiringen giving Natalia her one and only defeat of 2022. But she decided to not compete in the last 4 Boulder World Cups. Hence Natalia Grossman will most definitely be the overall boulder world cup winner of 2022. Even if Janja decides to compete and win the remaining 2 events.

  1. Natalia Grossman | USA
  2. Hannah Meul | GER
  3. Zhilu Luo | CHN

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Finals Highlights | Brixen 2022

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Finals Highlights | Brixen 2022
IFSC Brixen Boulder World Cup Women’s Podium

IFSC World Cup Men’s Boulder Final Results

Prior to the men’s finals. The men’s semi-final was notoriously hard. Only a hand full of climbers were able to top 2 or more problems. In particular problem number 3 was extremely difficult. Not the conventional dynamic parkour-style that had become the norm in IFSC boulder competition. Problem number 3 was a good old fashion hard crimpy powerful and overhanging bouldering. Most climbers were not even able to get to zone on problem number 3. The only man to top problem number 3 was Yannick Flohe which place him in first position going into the finals.

Men’s Boulder Semi-Final Problem Number 3

The men’s final proved to be just as difficult. Only 2 climbers were able to top 2 problems. But Yannick Flohe proved to the crowd that his semi-final performance was not a fluke. He won the competition with 2 tops and 4 zones, 1 more zone than Maximillian who finished close behind with 2 tops and 3 zones.

  1. Yannick Flohe | GER
  2. Maximillian Milne | GBR
  3. Tomoa Narasaki | JPN

IFSC World Cup Men’s Boulder Finals Highlights | Brixen 2022

Round 2 IFSC Salt Lake City Boulder World Cup Final
IFSC Brixen Boulder World Cup Men’s Podium

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