IFSC Meiringen 2022 Boulder World Cup Results

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IFSC Meiringen 2022

The first IFSC world cup of 2022 kicked off in Meiringen. The world’s best climbers are back again to compete with the exception of Adam Ondra, who had decided not to participate in Meiringen. Although all eyes are on Janja Garnbret the freshly minted Olympic gold medalist. Is she going to continue her domination in the women’s bouldering competition? Or will some up-and-coming climber AKA Natalia Grossman the overall world cup bouldering champion of 2021 give Janja a run for her money?

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Final Results

The 2 top women boulderers Janja and Natalia are a head above the other competitors. But it was Janja who had proved why she is the Olympic gold medalist. She won gold by topping all 4 problems and flashing 3. While Natalia’s 3 tops with 4 zones gave her silver. Andrea Kumin took home bronze in front of her home crowd with 1 top and 2 zones.

  1. Janja Garnbret | SLO
  2. Natalia Grossman | USA
  3. Andrea Kumin | SUI

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Final Highlights | Meiringen 2022

Video – IFSC

IFSC World Cup Men’s Boulder Final Results

The men’s finals on the other hand went down to the wire. The medal standings were only decided on the final boulder problem. The French climbers Mejdi Schalck and Paul Jenft were leading up to the last problem. But neither was able to top the last boulder and thus open the doors for the Tomoa Narasaki and Yoshiyuki Ogata the opportunity to top and take home gold and silver respectively.

The men’s final was not without controversy. Colin Duffy got his top for problem 3 disallowed twice by the judges due to his hands and feet placements on the starting holds. Colin Duffy did the problem for the third time with only 30 seconds remaining on the clock.

  1. Tomoa Narasaki | JPN
  2. Yoshiyuki Ogata | JPN
  3. Mejdi Schalck | FRA

IFSC World Cup Men’s Boulder Finals Highlights | Meiringen 2022

Video – IFSC

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