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IFSC Salt Lake City 2022 Boulder World Cup Results

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IFSC Salt Lake City 2022

Although, some of the hot favourites like Tomoa Narasaki and Kokoro Fujii were knocked out in the semi-finals. But that did not make the finals any less exciting. In his first full season competing at the senior level, France Mejdi Schalck had outperformed his more experienced fellow competitors to win gold. Topping all 4 problems in style. Although topping all 4 problems, Yoshiyuki Ogata finished in 2nd due to more attempts. And Rei Kawamata of Japan rounds up the final spot on the podium.

Apart from finishing 2nd in Meiringen to Janja Garnbret. Natalia Grossman had been the woman to beat in 2022. With Janja opting to sit out another boulder world cup, all eyes are on Natalia. Topping all 4 problems in the finals in front of her home crowd. Natalia took home her 5th boulder gold medal. Brooke Rabotou was able to come from behind to top the last boulder problem to beat Jessica Pliz and Miho Nonaka to 2nd place.

IFSC World Cup Men’s Boulder Final Results

  1. Mejdi Schalck | FRA
  2. Yoshiyuki Ogata | JPN
  3. Rei Kawamata | JPN

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Final Results

  1. Natalia Grossman | USA
  2. Brooke Raboutou | USA
  3. Miho Nonaka | JPN

IFSC World Cup Boulder Final Highlights | Salt Lake City 2022

Video – IFSC 2022 Boulder World Cup – Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Round 2

The next IFSC Boulder World Cup will take place again in just a week’s time in Salt Lake City (27th to the 29th of May).

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