IFSC 2022 Salt Lake City - Speed Finals

IFSC Salt Lake City 2022 Speed World Cup Results

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IFSC Salt Lake City 2022

Round 2 of the IFSC Speed World Cup took place in Salt Lake City USA. The Indonesian men’s team dominated the first round in Seoul by taking all 3 spots on the podium. Are we going to see a repeat of Seoul?

IFSC World Cup Men’s Speed Final Results

Kiromal won his first IFSC Speed gold medal in Salt Lake City, USA

As expected Kiromal and Veddriq will be on the podium but on which step. Veddriq had edged Kiromal to win in the past few rounds. But in Salt Lake City Veddriq was unable to reach the finals only finishing in 3rd position. After breaking the speed world record time twice without winning gold. Kiromal finally win his first gold medal by beating Noah Bratschi in the finals.

  1. Kiromal Katibin | INA
  2. Noah Bratschi | USA
  3. Veddriq Leonardo | INA

IFSC World Cup Women’s Speed Final Results

IFSC 2022 Salt Lake City Womens Finals
IFSC 2022 Women Speed Final’s Winners

The speed final is an all-Polish affair. Replicating what the Indonesian men’s team did in Seoul. The Polish women’s team took all 3 spots on the podium. World speed record holder Aleksandra Miroslaw continues her unbeaten run after Seoul by winning again in Salt Lake City.

  1. Aleksandra Miroslaw | POL
  2. .Aleksandra Kalucka | POL
  3. Natalia Kalucka | POL

IFSC World Cup Speed Final Highlights | Salt Lake City 2022

IFSC World Cup Speed Final Highlights | Salt Lake City 2022

Salt Lake City Round 2

The next IFSC Speed World Cup will take place again in just a week’s time in Salt Lake City (27th to the 29th of May).

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