2022 IFSC Villar World Cup

IFSC Villars 2022 Speed and lead World Cup Results

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IFSC Villars 2022

Villars Switzerland hosted the 2022 IFSC Speed and Lead world cups. Villars will be the 4th round for speed climbing with 2 more left to go. The next will be in Chamonix and the season finale in Jakarta. The lead climbing competition had just started a week ago in Innsbruck. And it is promising to be exciting with Janja Garnbret getting back to competition climbing which she won Gold in Innsbruck handily.

IFSC Villars Men’s Speed World Cup Final Results

The speed final in Villars has almost an All-China contingent standing on the podium. The women’s podium sees 1st and 2nd place going to China. As for the men’s final, it was an All-China contingent on the podium. As impressive as that was for the Chinese, the highlight of the Villar Speed competition has to be the setting of a new world record… twice. This amazing feat of achieved by non-other than Kiromal Katibin from Indonesia.

  1. Jianguo Long | CHN
  2. Peng Wu | CHN
  3. Jinbao Long | CHN

Kiromal Katibin Speed Record (NEW)

IFSC Villars Women’s Speed World Cup Final Results

  1. Lijuan Deng | CHN
  2. DI Niu| CHN
  3. Desak Made Rita Kusuma Dewi | INA

IFSC World Cup Speed Finals Highlights | Villars 2022

IFSC World Cup Speed Highlights | Villars 2022

IFSC Villars Women’s Lead World Cup Final Results

Fresh from winning in Innsbruck, Janja did not let up. Going into the finals as the hot favourite to win and win she did. Janja was the only woman to top the final’s route with Brook Raboutou just 2 moves shy of the top and finishing in second place.

  1. Janja Garnbret | SLO
  2. Brook Raboutou | USA
  3. Natalia Grossman | USA

IFSC Villars Men’s Lead World Cup Final Results

Taisei Homma had ended his IFSC world cup gold drought by winning his first-ever gold in Lead. He finished with 2 more moves than second-place Jesse Grupper to win in the final. Colin Duffy was able to get a place on the podium with a 3rd place finish giving him a slight lead in the overall lead ranking.

  1. Taisei Homma | JPN
  2. Jesse Grupper | USA
  3. Colin Duffy | USA

IFSC World Cup Lead Finals Highlight | Villars 2022

IFSC World Cup Lead Highlights | Villars 2022

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