All the abseil skills and techniques you need to know

Table of Contents

How to abseil

Abseiling or rappelling is a technique used by climbers to descend a cliff face. Learn the correct abseil technique to descend safely and efficiently.

How to set up an abseil

Learn to set up an abseil correctly for descending a multi-pitch route.

How to set up an abseil extension

An abseil extension is the standard method for abseiling. An extension isn’t always necessary for abseiling off a single-pitch but for a multi-pitch route, it is a technique that can mean the difference between fun and stress or even danger.

How to set up a simul-abseil

Simul-abseiling is an efficient way to descend a pitch. Learn how to set up a simul-abseil to descend safely.

Advanced abseil techniques

A comprehensive video on all the technique and safety consideration when comes to abseiling.

How to throw abseil ropes

To set up an abseil you’ll need to thread your rope through a fixed anchor and throw your rope down. Learn the safe and efficient method of throwing ropes for abseiling.

Passing the knot on abseil

Abseiling past a knot is a valuable technique for all climbers to learn prior to climbing multi-pitch outdoors. Learn the correct method to pass a knot mid-way through abseiling. 

How to ascend climbing rope

Ascending a rope is a key skill to have prior to climbing multi-pitch outdoors. Learn the safe and efficient technique to ascend a rope.

How to set up a tagline abseil

A must learn for climbers who are into multi-pitch climbing. Tagline abseil enables you to descend twice the distance on a single rope allowing you to go lightweight on a climb.

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