Climbing courses during a pandemic

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Climbing is back… for now. To minimize the spread of COVID-19, climbing gyms are open but with a limit to the number of climbers per session. In order to cure our climbing fix, we’ll need to book in advance for available time slots at climbing gyms… provided you can get one. The good old days of climbing for the entire day in the gym will not be back anytime soon.

For new climbers who had only been bouldering and will like to climb something that is more than 5 metres. Signing up for a sport climbing course may not be as easy as before. Since gyms need to limit the number of climbers per session thus conducting climbing courses will eat into that quota.

Pandemic impact on climbing courses

The pandemic had affected many businesses as well as self employed freelancers. Many climbing instructors in Singapore conduct climbing courses as a part time gig. The social distancing rules and limitation on number of participants had made both booking and conducting course a pain for participants and instructors.

For the benefit of climbers looking to sign up for climbing courses and freelance instructors conducting courses, below is the summary of the new guidelines released by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF).

Click here for full SMF guideline

Guidelines for conducting climbing courses / programmes

Climbing courses SCC level 1 (Top rope)

1) Only level One, Two and Wall Supervisor Courses can be conducted for the initial phase. This is to allow the instructors, gyms some time to familiarise with the new operation guidelines. Other courses can be conducted from August 2020 onwards.

2) Maximum group size for every practical session is limited to 5 pax.

3) As an alternative, course providers can conduct the theory sessions on-line to meet the course requirements while the practical can be divided into 2 groups X 3.5hours session if they have more than 6 participants.

4) Instructors are to ensure that the distancing requirements of 2m apart are observed throughout the conduct of the sessions.

5) Equipment issued to all participants should be disinfected or ‘quarantined’ for 24 hours before being issued to other users.

6) Participants should be paired with the same partners throughout the course for belaying, climbing and other purpose.

For more information regarding the guideline you can go to SMF Facebook Page.

Engage a freelance instructor

For climbers who are keen to sign up for climbing course you can do so at most climbing gyms apart from bouldering only gyms. Gyms will have scheduled climbing courses every month and these courses will be run by an inhouse or an external freelance instructor. However, if you like more flexibility on course dates you can engage a freelance climbing instructor directly for courses.

To help climbers engage freelance instructors for climbing courses, we had developed a platform for certified climbing instructors to sign up. Climbers looking to engage an instructor can go to our instructor page and contact the instructors directly for course enquiry. This is a free platform created to help our fellow instructors get freelance gig during this pandemic.

Share this article with your friends who are keen to learn sport climbing and be certified to SMF climbing course standards. Remember to support our local climbing businesses by buying local during this pandemic.

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