How to get rid of stench in climbing shoes

How to get rid of the stench in your climbing shoes

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How to get rid of the stench in your climbing shoes

Climbing shoes, we all love them. Although we only wear them specifically for climbing a couple of times a week they can smell like something had died in there.

The foul stench from your shoes comes from the sweat and dirt from your feet and keeping them stuffed in your gym bag does help. There are a number of methods to getting rid of this foul stench. Here are 8 ways to get rid of the smell in your climbing shoes.

1. Febreze spray

Febreze Spray. Good for clothes, bedsheets, and your climbing shoes. If the advertising is to be believed it kills 99.9% of Flu viruses and germs. They also come in a variety of fragrances. Fabreze is good when you want an instant quick fix to get rid of the foul smell from your climbing shoes. However, it does not last long especially if the inside of your shoes is moist and dirty. Using a chemical spray is a quick and hassle-free way to mask the stench of your shoes.

2. Newspaper

You can stuff newspaper into your climbing shoes after climbing to absorb the foul stench left behind by your feet. Stuffing a generous amount of newspaper into your shoes will help to absorb moisture and those disgusting foul odours. But do remember to change out the newspaper often. You can also spray Febreze onto the newspaper and stuff it into the climbing shoes.

3. Tea bags

Place a couple of tea bags in your climbing shoes as soon as you finish your gym session. The tea bags will absorb moisture and odour from your shoes.

4. Brewed coffee powder

Keep the coffee powder after you’ve brewed your coffee. Spread out the coffee powder to dry. Once the coffee powder is dried put it filter bag and place it in your shoes.

5. Orange peel

After you’re done peeling your orange keep the peels. Throw a few pieces into your climbing shoes and keep them there for a couple of days. The peel will absorb the moisture and leave a mild lingering citrus scent.

6. Bar of dry soap

Placing a bar soap in your climbing shoes can also absorb foul odour and leave a lingering scent in your shoes.

7. Airing

Climbing shoes stink because too often we forget to take them out of our bag to air them. Simply remove your shoes from the gym bag and put them at the window. This will help to dry the shoes faster and clear the stench from inside your climbing shoes.

8. Washing

How to get rid of the stench in your climbing shoes
Wash by brushing with warm water and mild detergent

Good old-fashioned soap and water. The stinkiest part of the shoe to wash is the inside of the shoes specifically the toe box area. So put a little elbow grease and give the inside of the shoes a good scrab. Warm water and mild fragrance soap will do just fine. Allow the shoe to drip dry, a couple of hours in the sun and boom stench-free shoes.

Shoe deodorant

Boot Bananas

Boot Bananas are a type of shoe deodorizer designed to remove odour from shoes, particularly those used for activities like hiking, running, or any other sport that can cause excessive sweating and odour buildup. Boot Bananas work by absorbing moisture and neutralizing odour.

Here’s how they typically work:

Absorption: Boot Bananas are filled with natural ingredients such as bamboo charcoal, baking soda, and essential oils. These materials are highly absorbent and work to draw moisture out of the shoes, which helps prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Neutralization: The natural ingredients in Boot Bananas also work to neutralize odour molecules. Baking soda, for example, is known for its ability to neutralize odours, while essential oils provide a pleasant scent.

Long-lasting: Boot Bananas are designed to be long-lasting. Depending on usage and conditions, they can last for several months before needing to be replaced.

Reusable: Boot Bananas can be reused multiple times. When they start to lose their effectiveness, they can be reactivated by placing them in the sun for a few hours to dry out and rejuvenate the natural ingredients inside.

Overall, Boot Bananas provide a natural and effective way to eliminate odour from shoes, keeping them fresh and pleasant to wear.

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