IFSC Koper 2022

IFSC Koper 2022 Lead Climbing World Cup Results

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IFSC Koper 2022 Lead Climbing World Cup

The city of Koper in Slovenia is the newest venue for hosting lead and speed climbing in the IFSC world cup calendar. The atmosphere in Koper is amazing with huge crowds showing up to cheer on the climbers and their local athletes. The Slovenia climbing team has 3 climbers reaching the finals. For the men’s finals, it was Luka Potocar and for the women’s finals, it was Mia Krampl and the Olympic Gold medalist Janja Garnbret.

Luka Potocar had shown great potential in lead. He had finished on the podium a number of times although never on the top step. To win gold is amazing and to win it for the first time on home soil is icing on the cake. The men’s final route has a stopper move and most climbers fell. Only the 3 podium finishers were able to execute the move but fell off one move after. Luka took the win based on count back to the semi’s result. Thus winning his first world cup gold and he couldn’t have picked a better venue to do so.

Men’s Lead Finals Results


For the women’s finals, the hot favourite Janja Garnbret was knocked off the top of the podium for the first time in 2022. 18 years old Ai Mori from Japan who last competed in 2019. She only participated in her first IFSC world cup of 2022 in Koper. Her performance throughout Koper was near flawless. Ai Mori is by far the shortest climber in the finals at 1.54m. However, she uses her short stature to her advantage executing unique beta sequences to cruise past the crux and finishing several more moves before falling.

Janja was the last to climb. With huge crowd support, Janja was able to clear the crux sequence unfortunately she fell 3 moves short of Ai Mori’s high point.

This is Ai Mori’s first world cup gold and with such performance, at just 18 years old there will be more gold medals coming her way.

IFSC Koper Women’s Lead World Cup Podium

Women’s Lead Finals Results

  1. AI MORI | JPN

Lead Finals Highlights | Koper 2022

IFSC Koper 2022 Lead Climbing World Cup Highlights

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  1. Anna

    Super excited to see Ai Mori back in the game after her last season. Hope that she can shine more in the remaining 3 competitions left in this season!

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