IFSC World Championship Moscow 2021 | Finals Highlight

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Table of Contents

The IFSC World Championship of 2021 was held in Moscow. As expected some big names had decided to pass on the event to enjoy a much needed break from competition climbing after the Olympic Games. However, that did not lessen the quality of the competition.

Speed Event

Women Finals Results

  1. Natalia Kalucka – POL
  2. Iuliia Kaplina – CFR
  3. Aleksandra Miroslaw – POL

Men Finals Results

  1. Danyil Boldyrev – UKR
  2. Erik Noya Cardona – ESP
  3. Noah Bratschi – USA

Speed Finals Highlights

Paraclimbing Event

Paraclimbing Finals Highlights

Boulder Event

2021 has been the year for Natalia Grossman. Even though she did not qualified for the Tokyo Olympics but she has been on a rampage for all 2021 IFSC World Cups by consistently finishing on the podium. In the Moscow Boulder World Championship, she did not disappoint. She simply outperformed the other competitors and won her first Boulder World Championship gold by flashing 3 and topping all 4 problems.

For the Men Finals, Kokora Fujii was in a league of his own. The only climber to top all 4 problems with relative ease cruising to the top of problem 1 while others can’t. With such a performance Tomoa Narasaki was only able to settle for silver.

Women Finals Results

  1. Natalia Grossman – USA
  2. Camilla Moroni – KOR
  3. Stasa Gejo – USA

Women Finals Highlights

Men Finals Results

  1. Kokoro Fujii – JPN
  2. Tomoa Narasaki – JPN
  3. Manuel Cornu – FRA

Men Finals Highlights

Lead Event

Winning a World Championship gold in lead is an eventuality for Chaehyun Seo. But winning gold in Moscow 2021 at only 17 years of age is at another level. Qualifying in 1st position for both qualification and semi-finals, she went on to win the finals by being the only woman to top the route.

The Men Finals was a nail biter. The winner was determined by countback to the results in the qualification round which gave Jakob Schubert the win over Luka Potocar the only 2 men to have topped the route. Hamish McArthur was one move from the top which if he finished he would have won gold as he was placed first in the semi-finals.

Women Finals Results

  1. – Chaehyun Seo – KOR
  2. – Natalia Grossman – USA
  3. – Laura Rogora – ITA

Men Finals Results

  1. – Jakob Schubert – AUT
  2. – Luka Potocar – SLO
  3. – Hamish McArthur – GBR

Lead Finals Highlights

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