IFSC World Cup Kranj 2021 | Lead Finals Results

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With Xiamen’s world cup event cancelled. Kranj will be the final IFSC lead world cup event for 2021. For the women event. It was not only the Kranj world cup lead title on the line but the 2021 overall lead title as well, between Janja Garnbret and Natalia Grossman.

Although Natalia missed out on qualifying for the Olympics. However, she had an amazing run in the 2021 world cup competitions putting up great and consistent performances. Janja fresh from winning the Olympic gold admitted that she had not been doing much training. However, as with all lead competitions when Janja is in the finals you can put your money on her winning. For Janja to win the 2021 overall world cup lead title she’ll need to outperform Natalia in Kranj. With home crowd support Janja bagged the win and is crown the IFSC 2021 overall lead winner.

As for the men’s event, many big names had decided to give Kranj a pass. The final route was tough with most climbers falling at the same spot which requires the ranking to be determined by the semi final’s result. However, it was Masahiro Higuchi of Japan the only climber to progress past the crux to win the final lead event of 2021. With Sean Bailey not qualifying for the finals in Kranj thus, Stefano Ghisofi wins the overall lead title for 2021.

Women Finals Results

  1. Janja Garnbret – SLO
  2. Chaehyun Seo – KOR
  3. Natalia Grossman – USA

Men Finals Results

  1. Masahiro Higuchi – JPN
  2. Luka Potocar – SLO
  3. Sebastian Halenke – GER

Kranj 2021 Lead Finals Highlights

IFSC Climbing World Cup 2021 – Overall Lead Ranking

Women Ranking

  1. Janja Garnbret – SLO
  2. Natalia Grossman – USA
  3. Laura Rogora – ITA

Men Ranking

  1. Stefano Ghisolfi – ITA
  2. Sean Bailey – USA
  3. Masahiro Higuchi – JPN

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