The sendings of “Off the wagon”

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The famous boulder problem “Off the wagon” in Val Bavona, Switzerland have seen multiple successful sends. Numerous climbers such as Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Jakob Schubert had sent “off the wagon”.

History of “Off the wagon”

A short history of the boulder problem. “Off the wagon” was discovered by Dave Graham back in 2005 and was featured in the Big Up Production film Dosage III. The climb starts from a standing position on top of a wagon parked under the boulder, hence the name “Off the wagon”. In Dosage IV released in 2006, Chris Sharma attempted “Off the wagon” for days but left unfinished.

However, it was Chris Sharma beta in which he did a crazy crossover move which has now become the go-to move for the crux. Most climbers who had finished the problem used the same crossover technique.

Nalle Hukkataival did the first ascent of “off the wagon” in 2012. Nalle Hukkataival grade the problem 8c but after numerous send by other climbers, it was downgraded to 8b+.

In 2018, Shawn Raboutou established the sit start version grade 8c+.

Climbing had evolved dramatically for the past decade. Back in 2006 when Chris Sharma was considered the best climber in the world “Off the wagon” was a project left undone. After the FA in 2012, “Off the wagon” had seen numerous send.

Videos of “Off the wagon”

Shawn Raboutou “off the wagon” sit start

Jimmy Webb “off the wagon” sit start

Daniel Woods “off the wagon” sit start

Jakob Schubert “off the wagon” standing start

Marco Müller “off the wagon” standing start

Giuliano Cameroni “off the wagon” sit start (the wagon had been moved)

Sergei Topishko “off the wagon” sit start

Yannick Flohe “off the wagon” sit start

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