Olympics Combined Climbing Men’s Final Results

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Olympics Combined Climbing Men’s Final

As much as we like to hate the combined format, we can’t deny it created a lot of suspense and drama. The overall gold medal winner was decided by Jakob Schubert the last climber in the lead event. Adam Ondra is able to win gold if Jakob Schubert is unable to get past Adam Ondra’s high point. Jakob Schubert did not just get past Adam Ondra’s high point, he topped the route. By winning the lead event Jakob Schubert was able to secure a bronze and put Alberto Gines Lopez in first and Nathaniel Coleman in the second position.

Men Combined Finals Result

  1. Alberto Gines Lopez – ESP
  2. Nathaniel Coleman – USA
  3. Jakob Schubert – AUT
  4. Tomoa Narasaki – JPN
  5. Mickael Mawem – FRA
  6. Adam Ondra – CZE
  7. Colin Duffy – USA
  8. Bassa Mawem – FRA

Men’s Sport Climbing | Tokyo Replays

Congratulations to Alberto Gines Lopez for becoming the first Olympic games climbing gold medalist.

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