Olympics Combined Climbing Women’s Final Results

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There is little doubt who will win the gold medal for the women’s combined finals. Janja Garnbret just need a semi-decent speed performance and for boulder and lead she just needs to do her thing and gold will be secure. However, silver and bronze are all to play for. In the end, Miho Nonaka won silver and Akiyo Noguchi got a well-deserved bronze bringing an end to an illustrious climbing career.

Women Combined Finals Result

  1. Janja Garnbret – SLO
  2. Miho Nonaka – JPN
  3. Akiyo Noguchi – JPN
  4. Aleksandra Miroslaw – POL
  5. Brooke Raboutou – USA
  6. Anouck Jaubert – FRA
  7. Jessica Pilz – AUT
  8. Chaehyun Seo – KOR

Congratulations to Janja Garnbret for becoming the first Olympic games combined climbing gold medalist.

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