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What are the most popular harness competition climbers wear

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What are the most popular harness competition climbers wear?

The popularity of competition climbing has grown immensely since the mid-2000s. And equipment manufacturers have introduced harnesses that are designed specifically for competition climbing. These harnesses are ultra-thin and lightweight. We’ll find out what harness top climbers wear during IFSC Lead World Cup competitions.

Camp Flash

Janja Garnbret IFSC
Janja Garnbret
Stefano Ghisolfi IFSC
Stefano Ghisolfi

CAMP Flash

*Camp Flash had been retired by CAMP*
An alternative to Flash is the CAMP Alpine Flash an ultralightweight harness with adjustable leg loops


CAMP Alpine Flash

  1. Hyperlight and compact harness for technical alpinism and ice climbing
  2. Innovative Load Webbing construction
  3. Integrated 3 mm padding on the waist and legs
  4. Auto-locking buckles on the waist and legs
  5. Elastic straps between the waist and legs are connected by a single buckle for an easy drop seat
  6. 5 gear loops: 4 on the sides and 1 on the back
  7. 4 integrated slots for Hub racking carabiners
  8. Chalk bag loop

Edelrid Prisma

Laura Rogora Edelrid Prism Harness
Laura Rogora
Jessica Pliz Edelrid Prism Harness 2
Jessica Pliz
Edelrid Prisma

Edelrid Prisma

  1. 20 mm Slide Block buckle on the waist belt can be fully opened for a comfortable and secure harness fit
  2. Light Frame Construction: minimal weight and good air permeability thanks to the continuous edge bindings made from Dyneema®, which proportionately distribute the load
  3. 4 symmetrical gear loops and 2 attachment options for ice screw clips

Petzl Sitta

Alex Megos Sitta Harness
Alex Megos
Brook Raboutou Sitta Harness
Brook Raboutou

Petzl Sitta

  1. Extremely thin and flexible waistbelt and leg loops with WIREFRAME Technology
  2. Very compact, freeing up room in your pack
  3. The elasticized fixed leg loops and supple leg loop bridge give you total freedom of movement
  4. Waistbelt is equipped with a DOUBLE BACK HD buckle in forged aluminium, offering good grip and fluid glide of the webbing for easy and quick adjustment

Black Diamond airNet

adam Ondra
Adam Ondra
Chueyuan Seo
Chueyuan Seo
Natalia Grossman IFSC
Natalia Grossman
Alberto Gines Lopez Lead
Alberto Gines Lopez

Black Diamond airNet

  1. Athlete driven—designed in collaboration with Adam Ondra
  2. Patented airNET Technology is ultra-breathable for high-end performance while distributing loads evenly across the “net” during falls
  3. Patented Infinity Loop for belaying, which is durable, lightweight and seamless.
  4. Two pressure moulded gear loops in front; Lightweight low-profile webbing gear loops in back
  5. Available men’s and women’s model

Mammut Sender Harness

Ai Mori IFSC
Ai Mori
Jakob Schubert Sender Harness 1
Jakob Schubert
mammut sender harness climbing harness

Mammut Sender

  1. Ultralight climbing harness built for senders
  2. Split Webbing technology ensures solid security at less weight
  3. Laser-cut fabric enhances breathability and ventilation
  4. Single self-locking buckle at the waist, elastic leg loops
  5. Tie-in loop reinforced with plastic and wear indicator
  6. Four gear loops and four attachments for ice screws

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