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ProGrade Lead auto belay

Climbing had always been an activity that requires a buddy system. Climbing is done with someone you trust and hopefully like as well. However, if you are someone with trust issues and don’t get along with people in general. Or if your climbing buddy is always making up excuses to miss climbing sessions with you. Because he wants to spend time with his hot new girlfriend. Say hello to the lead-ready auto belay system by ProGrade. You no longer need a climbing partner. Now you can lead climb anytime you want.


ProGrade Lead auto belay

3 Italian engineers started designing ProGrade back in 2017. They were frustrated by the long wait time between climbs at the climbing gym and wanted to find ways to speed up the process. After conducting market research and customer surveys. They developed a prototype using 3D printed parts and components obtained from household appliances.

They delivered the first model and soon followed by 4 more prototypes. UrbanWall climbing gym installed the finished product in Milan for public use this past September. 

How ProGrade works

The ProGrade lead auto-belay contains a sensor that reads the movements of the rope. An internal software designed to recognize in real-time the actions of the climber. An internal motor will wind and unwind the rope by the software program while the locking system is mechanical which works by rope friction similar to other auto-belay systems.

ProGrade lead auto belay is CE certified and tested according to the regulations (UIAA) for climbing.

ProGrade Lead auto belay

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