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Developing a new climbing area requires lots of time, money, and effort. Rock climbing is still considered a new sport in Southeast Asia. Although climbing is growing in popularity but is pale in comparison to Europe and North America. There are still numerous crags with huge potential for new routes in Southeast Asia waiting to be developed.

Batu Punggul – The Hidden Pinnacles

Batu Punggul is one of these new climbing areas in Southeast Asia. Situated near the town of Sapulut in Sabah Malaysia is a huge limestone massif jutting out in the middle of the jungle. Although there is huge potential for new lines there is only so much that can be done by a handful of climbers.

Explore the hidden pinnacles

Having more climbers visiting Batu Punggul will help the local climbing community immensely. For climbers that are keen to explore new climbing areas and establish new lines, Batu Punggul will be a great destination.

The crew behind the scene

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to establish new routes. Especially if the location of the crag is not easily accessible. The crew who is responsible for bolting Batu Punggul had established a number of routes with ongoing plans to develop more. Routes information on Batu Punggul can be found at

Check out the crew at work. Photos are courtesy of the pioneering Batu Punggul climbers, Riyatudin and crew.

2018 bolting trip to Batu Punggul
Riya and Saiful on an unclaim route
Vicentey scouting the next move
Hailing heavy gears up for bolting
Saiful and Auf inside Cathedrals
Riya fixing belay point for Flying Rock route
Nadia on Scorpion 6b+
Hammock campsite

If you are keen to find out more about climbing at Batu Punggul you can post an enquiry on Rock Climbing in Malaysia FB Group. Climbers familiar with Batu Punggul will be more than happy to help you out.

We are always looking to feature new climbing destinations, especially in Asia. We want to bring about awareness to local climbing groups developing new crags with limited resources. You can help by visiting these new climbing areas which will accelerate the development of new routes.

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