Course Duration: 14 hours or 2 sessions of 7 hours

Prerequisite: At least 13 years of age, SCC Level 1 certified

Cost: $180 per trainee

This course is designed as a follow-on to SCC level 1. This course builds on the top rope skills acquired from SCC Level 1 and is a progression into lead climbing on artificial climbing walls. Participants on this course should be confident in all the techniques covered at SCC Level 1 before undertaking this advance climbing course.

Trainees must demonstrate the following course requirements:

  1. Confident with lead climbing an easy route
  2. Correct placement of protection points on a lead climb
  3. Correct belaying of a lead climber using a friction device
  4. Correct top-out technique on fixed anchor
  5. Conduct proper pre-climb checks
  6. Correct use of climbing calls
  7. Safe equipment handling
  • SNCS Sport Climbing Course Level 2 Certificate
  1. Introduction to Lead Climbing
  2. Placement of protection points
  3. Understanding fall factor
  4. Understanding the anchor system on artificial wall
  5. Equipment required for lead climbing
    • Dynamic rope vs static rope
    • Harness with gear loops
    • Quickdraws or runners
    • Slings / Tapes (Personal Anchor System)
    • Friction devices
    • Helmet
  6. Clipping into protection
    • Correct way of placing quickdraws
    • Correct way of clipping into quickdraws
    • Understanding what is back clip and z clip and how to rectify
  7. Lead belay
    • Belaying a lead climber using friction devices
    • Giving slack and taking in
    • Belaying stance
    • Arresting a climber’s fall
    • Dynamic Belaying
  8. Rope handling & management
  9. Lead climbing techniques
  10. Pre-climb checks
  11. Safe falling position
  12. Climbing commands
  13. Safety considerations
  14. Top out technique (Setting up top rope/Cleaning anchor)
  • Sport Climbing Instructor Category 1/2
  • 1 Instructor : 10 Trainees
  • 1 Instructor + 1 Climbing Assistant (or Trainee Instructor) : 16 Trainees
  • Wearing of helmet is compulsory when engaging in a lead climbing session