Round 2 IFSC Salt Lake City Boulder World Cup Results

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IFSC World Cup Men’s Boulder Final Results

As usual for most IFSC boulder world cups. The Japanese contingent dominates the final with 3 out of 6 climbers in the final event. The only question is how many of them will finish on the podium. Anze Peharc had a near-perfect performance finishing 2nd. Yoshiyuki and Anze both finished with 4 tops 4 zones with 5 attempts on tops and 5 attempts on zones in the final. However, it was Yoshiyuki’s fewer attempts on tops in the semi-finals that gave him the win over Anze. Kokoro Fujii also topped all 4 boulder problems but finished in 3rd with more attempts.

  1. Yoshiyuki Ogata | JPN
  2. Anze Peharc | SLO
  3. Kokoro Fujii | JPN

IFSC World Cup Women’s Boulder Final Results

The women’s finals see 2 athletes getting to the boulder world cup finals for the first time in their career. Seo Chaehyun of Korea, a regular podium finisher in lead but had never qualified for boulder finals until now. Ayala Kerem is the first Israeli woman to qualify for the boulder world cup finals.

Seo Chaehyun shows great promise at the start by flashing problems 1 and 2. Proving that she is able to translate her lead climbing ability to bouldering. Unfortunately, she was not able to top problems 3 and 4 which were her anti-style requiring power and dynamism.

The top spot on the podium was decided by the last boulder problem. The top 4 climbers going into problem 4 had topped the first 3 boulder problems. However, Natalia Grossman shows her class again. As she is the only climber to top problem number 4 and win her third gold in boulder for the season.

  1. Natalia Grossman | USA
  2. Miho Nonaka | JPN
  3. Brooke Raboutou | USA

IFSC World Cup Boulder Finals Highlights | Round 2 Salt Lake City 2022

Round 2 IFSC Salt Lake City Boulder World Cup Final

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