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Round 2 IFSC Salt Lake City Speed World Cup Results

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Just 1 week apart. The Speed specialists are at it again in round 2 IFSC Salt Lake City Speed World Cup. It is another world speed record-breaking week. The men’s and women’s speed records were broken again by the usual suspects.

After setting a new men’s speed record at 5.17s in Seoul just 3 weeks prior. Kiromal once again proved that the men’s speed record is his to break by shaving 0.07s off his world record time. 5.10s is the new world record. At the rate that he is going, we may just witness a time of under 5s pretty soon.

IFSC World Cup Men’s Speed Final Results

Although Kiromal had been setting new speed records during qualification. Unfortunately, a lack of consistency during the knockout phase proved to be an issue. Kiromal fell during the knockout phase thus missing his chance to be on the podium. It was his compatriot Veddriq Leonardo proving that being fast and consistent is the key to winning. Veddriq wins his 4th world cup gold by beating Tobias Plangger in the final.

  1. Veddriq Leonardo | INA
  2. Tobias Plangger | AUT
  3. Ludovico Fossali | ITA

IFSC World Cup Women’s Speed Final Results

If there is a climber that can be compared with Janja Garnbret in bouldering. It will have to be Aleksandra Miroslaw in speed climbing. Aleksandra broke the women’s speed world record (6.64s) she set in Seoul just 3 weeks ago. The new women’s speed world record was set by Aleksandra during qualification at 6.53s. Winning 3 out of 3 Speed World Cup so far this year. On top of that having the Women’s Olympic and Speed climbing world record time makes her the best women’s speed climber. She is now the woman to beat for anyone who wants to stand on the top step of the IFSC world cup podium.

  1. Aleksandra Miroslaw | POL
  2. Emma Hunt | USA
  3. Aleksandra Kalucka | POL

IFSC World Cup Speed Final Highlights | Round 2 Salt Lake City 2022

Video – IFSC

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