Stand out climbing news – a look back at 2020

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2020 has been weird, to say the least. But the good news is it’s coming to an end. Hopefully, 2021 will be less weird. But before we dive headfirst into 2021 let’s look back at all the climbing related news in 2020

Tokyo 2020

The biggest event of 2020 for climbers. The first Olympic Games with sport climbing, Tokyo 2020. Now with the pandemic, is Tokyo 2021. Athletes trained for years to be at their best both mentally and physically for the 2020 Olympics Games but COVID19 just threw a spanner in the works.

Pro climbers had never experienced a lockdown before so nobody knows how the athletes’ physic will turn out after the lockdown. Fortunately, the lockdown wasn’t too long and our pro climbers are still in tip-top shape.

Climbers worst fear after the lockdown

Home climbing – Pandemic edition

Home climbing pandemic edition

A new trend appeared during the lockdown when gyms are closed and outdoor climbing is not allowed. Home climbing had taken the climbing community worldwide by storm. Climbing on your furniture, kitchen countertop, staircase and anything you can think of became the new craze. Every day we can see climbers posting creative home climbing videos on social media.

IFSC World Cup

Thanks to the pandemic, the 2020 IFSC World Cup to find out who is the best climber in 2020 is only determined by 1 round in Briançon. Adam Ondra took the win for men’s lead for the gazillion time while Laura Rogora took her first-ever women’s lead world cup win at 19 years old.

Sport Climbing Girls (Anime)

Climbing is so big in Japan that an anime series was created. Characters with colorful hair, oversize “eyes” and hourglass figure, and of course a special appearance by Japan’s finest female climber Akiyo Noguchi (animated form).

Anime – Akiyo Noguchi

Alex Honnold got a new “partner”

From Jimmy to Sanni

The most badass, big balls dirtbag climber ever now owns a house and a wife… Congrats Alex… get used to peeing in a proper toilet. Please continue to do inspiring badass shit but maybe with a rope from now on.

Alex’s best move since soloing Freerider. You’ll need a good core to hold that position.

The new strongest climber

The new strongest climber of 2020… is not the one in the centre

Now to the other Alex. Alex Megos.

Climbing the world’s second 9c kind of puts you in the discussion of being the best climber in the world. Yes, yes, many will say Adam Ondra is the best climber but the current scoreboard is one 9c apiece. Let’s see who in 2021 will pocket the second 9c or who knows 9c+?

Alex Megos – Bibliographie 9c (PC – Ken Etzel –

Girl Power Emily Harrington

PC – Jessica Talley Louder Than 11

Women climbers have been upping their game in recent years. In 2020 Emily Harrington had pushed the envelope further… much further. After taking a nasty fall in 2019 while climbing El Capitan Emily Harrington is back in 2020. As if free climbing El Cap is not enough, she did it in under 24 hours. You go girl.

PC – Jon Glassberg/Louder Than 11

Jimmy Chin – Dental hygiene is important

It is going to happen… eventually. As climbing is going mainstream advertisers will want a piece of the action and they sure know how to pick. Nat Geo photographer / pro climber / Academy award winner Jimmy Chin is now the face of Colgate. Brushing teeth on a porter ledge had never looked this cool.

The biggest and longest climbing wall that could have been

The walk of shame
Climbing the border wall prototype

The deadline for building the “most beautiful and amazing wall ever” that Mexico is going to pay for is up in 2020. Climbers are already gearing up to prove that any wall can be climbed. Too bad it’s not going to happen. I guess Mexico did not fall for the “art of the deal” moron. Let me do a correction, the best and most amazing moron of all time. #goodbyetrump

Welcome 2021

2020 was miserable. 2021 may not look good right now but let’s hope for the best.

Climb more work less.

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