Terms and Conditions

5cclimbers.com is providing a free platform for independent freelance climbing instructors to list their services. Climbing instructors must be certified to conduct climbing courses based on the country where the course is conducted. It is the responsibility of the instructors to ensure they are certified as a climbing instructor and their license and other necessary certifications are valid before listing their services. Climbing courses must be conducted according to the standards established by the respective country’s governing body. Any monetary transactions is strictly between the course participants and instructors.

Users of the 5cclimbers instructor listing platform can contact the instructors for information related to climbing courses and programmes. It is the responsibility of the users to check with the instructors on the course requirements and the validity of the instructor’s license. Any form of monetary transaction is between the users and the instructors, 5cclimbers will not be involved in any monetary transaction.

The instructor listing platform is free and it is created to help climbers search for climbing courses and instructors. 5cclimbers do not take a commission in providing this service.