The 10 Best Climbing Films of 2020

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Goodbye 2020 and welcome to 2021. Thanks to the government enforced quarantine orders we are able to spend time “working” from home and watch climbing videos online. Here’s a look back at 2020 best climbing films.

#10 – Cedar Wright | Alpine Rock Climbing in The Cirque of Towers with Nelissa Milfeld and Cedar Wright

Any film by Cedar Wright will bring a smile to your face. A low budget film which I believe he shot everything himself with no crew or any fancy gadgets. A climbing trip with his wife Nellie proves that we climbers needs are simple… just climbing.

#9 – Mellow | A Mellow Ticino

Mellow makes great climbing films. Featuring some of the greatest climbers in their videos. This video in particular is great, filmed in Ticino Switzerland featuring Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods both sending the famous boulder problem “Off the Wagon” V16 made famous by Chris Sharma back in 2006.

#8 – The North Face | Unknown Factors

A team of North Face climbers Matty Hong, Jacopo Larcher, Siebe Vanhee and the Pou brothers travel to India to explore the Baspa Valley in search of big wall climbing.

The best climbing destination in India

#7 – Black Diamond | Soul Deep

Soul Deep is a video that shows how the sport of climbing can be used to shape a community.

#6 – Petzl | Kuntur Sayana

Charlotte Durif and Josh Larson discovered, bolted and climbed the Kuntur Sayana a 230 metres face in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. If you think climbing a big wall is hard work imagine you have to find a climbable line up the entire 230 metres face, bolt it and send it.

#5 – The North Face | Towers of Tigray

James Pearson and Caro Ciavaldini shows how to travel to exotic destination to climb while being a parent to a 3 months old son. Explore Ethiopia’s Tigray region with James, Caro and Arthur.

#4 – Louder than 11 | Deep Water

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is a scenic and beautiful climbing destination with over 3000 limestone formations.

Explore deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay with Psicobloc pioneer Tim Emmett and competition climber Kyra Condie.

#3 – Rotpunkt | Alex Megos and the Advent, the Agony and the Art of the Redpoint

A video that documented the FA of the 2nd 9c route in the world. Alex Megos stamped his name as one of the world’s best climbers after sending Bibliographie in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic.

#2 – Patagonia | Stone Locals

Climbing is more than just a sport. It is a way of life for those who live and breathe climbing. As the sport grows in popularity, the people who anchor its core and community have more responsibility than ever. Stone Locals tells the stories of five of these anchors, who keep the soul of climbing and nurture it as the sport evolves.

#1 – Black Diamond | The Artist

The Artist is a video about Boone Speed, a climbing pioneer and legend who established some of the most iconic routes in the US and created some ingenious climbing products that had shaped the gears that we use today. The story of Boone Speed is not about his climbing achievements but how he influenced the sport and the people around him through his art and creativity.

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