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What are the top 5 climbing mobile apps? Mobile apps have changed our lives. There is practically nothing that mobile apps cannot do. Of course, there are apps developed for climbers. These apps provide you with outdoor climbing guides, training programs, climbing news, and apps for logging your sending achievements.

Not all apps are created equal. There will be some apps that are a waste of your time. Others will need you to pay for every single feature. I’m sure most climbers will prefer free apps or apps that are mostly free. After going through a laundry list of climbing apps, I had narrowed it down to 5 that will cover all your climbing needs.

Climbing Apps

Beast maker trainer app

BeastMaker Trainer

BeastMaker Trainer is a simple straightforward countdown timer app for your hangboard training. All you need from a good countdown timer app are options to set the number of reps, rest time, hang time, and pause in between reps.

Pros – Straightforward and easy to use

Cons – No other added features

Crimpd climbing app


Crimpd is a training app. The app provides different types of training demo with a countdown timer for your training workout. The workouts are divided into endurance, power endurance, strength and power, conditioning, and mobility. This app requires you to sign up and log in so that you can log your training, monitor your progress, and check back on your workout history.

Pros – Good for logging training to monitor progress. The videos and photo examples help users to know how to do the exercises.

Cons – Can be overwhelming with too many options.

27 crags climbing app

27 Crag

27 Crag provides a list of routes, topos, and maps for climbing internationally. It has route descriptions of over 10,000 climbing places and 150,000 routes in its public database. Users can add map markers and upload photos. You can also find the nearest climb gym in your location. However, the downside to this app is the database for southeast Asia is lacking. You can sign up and contribute to the app’s database by adding climbs in the region.

Pros – A very interactive app with detailed information on climbing routes. The app allows you to log your ascend and share with others. You can take and post pictures of the route and leave comments and share beta

Cons – You have to be online to use the app. If you want to use it offline you’ll need to pay a subscription fee.

Climbing away climbing app

Climbing Away

Climbing Away indexes over 6000 rock climbing areas around the world. It has a very basic geolocation map for finding nearby crags. You can download both free and paid guidebooks. The downloadable guidebooks provide a very detailed layout of climbing sites and lines of climbing routes. There is also a very useful built-in tool for converting climbing grades.

Pros – Climbing Away provides basic information that you’ll need to know about the climbing area. Each listed climbing area is pinned on an interactive map. The app design is simple and relatively easy to navigate. Downloadable guidebooks provide detailed information but only some guidebooks are free for download.

Cons – Despite having thousands of areas across the world listed on the app, there isn’t much depth. Unless you pay to download the online guidebooks. Not much information on climbing areas in southeast Asia.

mountain project climbing app

Mountain Project

Mountain Project is a free resource app for rock climbers. You can find outdoor climbing areas near you and navigate to the location using the map. You can sign up to chat and ask questions and even call for climbing partners in the built-in forum. The app is owned by REI and it is free of advertisements. You can also use the app to read the latest climbing news from Rock and Ice, Climbing, and Alpinist.

Pros – Great app for information on virtually every developed climbing area in the world. The app and site also host a massive forum section with a lifetime’s worth of helpful posts about gear, climbing areas, climbing types, training, and more.

Cons – No detailed information on routes. Some information provided can be general and no very helpful. Make sure you read the comment to find out if the information on the area and routes are up to date.

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