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Training for climbing | 5 best YouTube channels to watch

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5 best YouTube channels to watch training for climbing

There are countless climbing training videos on YouTube. Videos after videos of climbers on hangboard, Moonboard, campus board… you know the usual stuff. It is hard to know which creators’ training content is good and has different training advice for climbers at different skill levels. Therefore, we are excluding YouTube channels created by any Tom, Dick and Harry who are just posting their personal training videos and labelling them as training advice. We are looking for creators who are reputable climbing coaches or have relevant medical qualifications to give quality training and injury prevention advice.

We’ll look at 5 of the most popular YouTube climbing training channels you should watch to get good quality training advice.


Lattice Training

Lattice Training is a YouTube channel that has a whole lot of climbing videos. Both for entertainment and training. Lattice Training is based in the UK and was founded by Ollie Torr and Tom Randell and. Laicce Training provides assessment, coaching and training services for climbers. Lattice Training is by far the channel with the most climbing training videos on YouTube.

The training videos on Lattice Training cover many areas from strength training to skills and technique and injury prevention. There are different training videos catering to climbers of different skill levels. Definitely, a channel to check out for climbers looking for good-quality training tips and advice.

Hooper’s Beta

Hooper’s Beta was founded by Dr Jason Hooper, a physical therapist along with Emile Modersitte a filmmaker. This channel provides lots of videos on climbing training, injury recovery and prevention. The videos on injury recovery in particular are very informative. Such as bad training mistakes to avoid and how to deal with elbow and shoulder pains.

Training 4 Climbing

The man behind Training4climbing Eric J. Hörst is a La Sportiva climber since 1990. He is an internationally renowned climbing coach and a successful climber of over 40 years. Eric is also one of the world’s most knowledgeable climbing coaches and has written eight books on climbing training which have sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. Definitely, a channel you want to check out if you want to get training advice from a world-class climbing coach.

The Climbing Doctor

Jared Vagy is the creator of The Climbing Doctor YouTube Channel. Jared Vagy is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in treating climbing injuries. In addition to his doctoral degree, he has completed a one-year residency in orthopaedics and a one-year fellowship in movement science, totalling nine years of concentrated study. He is the author of the Amazon #1 best-seller “Climb Injury-Free,” and has published numerous articles on injury prevention and lectures internationally.

Thus we can safely assume that Dr Jared knows what he is talking about and that his videos are up to date with relevant injury treatment and prevention methods. If you are a fan of scientific medical explanations of climbing-related injuries then this is the YouTube Channel you must go to.


Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod is a professional all-around climber based in the highlands of Scotland. He had climbed for almost 30 years with sends on 8C boulders, 9a sport climbs, E11 trad, XII,12 mixed and 8b+ free solo.

Known for his writing on training and improvement in climbing. Books such as 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes and Make or break, are among the best-selling titles worldwide on training and injury prevention in climbing. Dave also holds an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Physiology, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and an MSc in Human Nutrition.

Dave MacLeod has a YouTube channel where he shares his training tips and advice on injury prevention.

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