How to up-cycle your climbing rope

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How to up-cycle your climbing rope

I’ve retired a 70 m rope as it has seen a lot of action and also grew so “fat” that I cannot belay smoothly with it. I couldn’t bear to throw it away and it has been sitting in the storeroom for ages. I am sure many climbers have the same problem. In line with doing our part for the environment and reducing waste, I have some ways to up-cycle our old rope.

Ocean Plait Mat

How to up-cycle your climbing rope

This is the perfect gift for Christmas or a housewarming. And the best part is you are adding a personal touch by making it yourself. The size of the mat can vary with the thickness of the rope or the number of weaves. It can be made to the size of a small coaster or a large doormat basically whatever size you want.

Rack for draws

This is a neat way to rack your gears by using an old rope. To join the ends, tie two double fisherman knots which allow the loop length to be adjustable by sliding the knots.

Rope Sling
Rope sling 2

Luggage Handles

Ever had a damaged luggage handle? Replace the broken handle with a rope handle and voila! You have lengthened the lifespan of your luggage. Furthermore, the luggage will be easily recognizable on the baggage carousel.

rope handle

Bonus: How to whip rope ends to prevent fraying?

First, cut the rope with a sharp knife or scissors. Burn the ends first to melt and fuse the strands before whipping the ends. You can either use waxed twine or a para-cord to whip the rope ends.

How to whip rope ends to prevent fraying
rope end

Do share with us your ideas on up-cycling your old climbing rope!

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