beautiful pro female climbers on instagram

The most beautiful pro female climbers on Instagram

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The most beautiful pro female climbers on Instagram

It does not matter what sport you are into. In any sport, there will be athletes who stand out. Be it for their athleticism, style, fashion or beauty. So when it comes to climbing, there is no shortage of amazing women who are world-class climbers. Having an active social media presence is part and parcel of an athlete’s way to communicate with fans and build a strong following. So here is the list of the most beautiful pro female climbers that you should follow on Instagram.

Janja Garnbret

If Janja Garnbret is not on this list it would be a disgrace. The queen of climbing who had won every accolade there is in competition climbing and of course the first Olympic Gold medalist in sport climbing. Janja did not just win but she dominated the women’s field. If there is a GOAT title for sport climbing Janja will win it hands down.

Janja’s achievements and fame had put her on magazine covers dressed in high fashion looking fabulous. But we all just love to see her in a sleeveless white top and black tights with her hands firmly on the top hold.

Oriane Bertone

A child climbing prodigy. Oriane Bertone burst onto the scene by being the youngest climber at 12 years old to send a V14 boulder problem. And from then on there is no stopping Oriane. She had won the European and World youth lead and boulder championships. She started competing at the IFSC senior level in 2021 and won gold in a Boulder World Cup event after just 2 years. Oriane is definitely the next generation of climbers to watch.

Lucka Rakovec

Lucka Rakovec is one of the members of the Slovenian women’s national climbing team alongside Janja Garnbret. At a height of 170 cm, Lucka is a tall lengthy climber. She had reached the IFSC finals a number of times and had a bronze medal.

Julia Chanourdie

Julia Chanourdie is a French professional rock climber. She competes in IFSC World Cups and also climbs outdoors. On 7 November 2020, Julia became the second-ever female in history to climb a 9b route, Eagle–4 in Saint-Léger-du-Ventoux, France.

Kim Jain

Kim Jain had been competing for a long time and is considered a climber from an earlier generation. She start competing in the early 2000s and won multiple golds. Consider a legend in the sport she is known for her slow meticulous and precise climbing style. Kim Jain is a very famous personality in Asia known for her beauty and had numerous cosmetic brand endorsements.

She took a break from competition climbing after becoming a mother. But she returned in 2023 to try and qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Sasha DiGiulian

Sasha DiGiulian had many achievements both in competition climbing and mega outdoor climbing projects. She has climbed over 30 first female ascents and well over a dozen significant first ascents including big wall ascents. Outside of climbing Sasha DiGiulian produced a film “The Trilogy” documenting her climbing 3 Canadian Rocky Mountain big walls in a single season. She is also a vocal spokesperson on climate change.

Margo Hayes

Margo Hayes is not known for her performance in competition climbing. She is known for her achievement in climbing some of the world’s hardest outdoor routes. Margo Hayes was the first woman in history to climb a 9a+ graded route and is the first woman to complete the “9a+ Trilogy” which consists of La Ramble in Siurana Spain, Biographie in Ceuse France and Papichulo in Oliana Spain. Her journey in climbing Biographie was documented by the 2017 Reel Rock film.

Margo Hayes is active on Instagram. Posting fashion shots, brand endorsements and of course climbing videos.

Hannah Meul

Hannah Meul is one of the top female climbers in the German national team. She specialized in bouldering and had reached the finals multiple times with a few podium finishes.

Futaba Ito

Futaba Ito had been competing in IFSC World Cup events since 2018. Better known for her bouldering, she had made the finals numerous times but had yet to win an IFSC World Cup event. Her climbing style is dynamic and explosive and she always flashes a huge smile on her face when she tops a boulder problem. A joy to watch her climb.

Jessica Pilz

Austria’s best female competition climber. Jessica Pilz competed in Tokyo 2020 and won gold in Lead in the 2018 IFSC Climbing World Championship. A very consistent climber as she often reaches the finals in lead events.

Natalia Grossman

Natalia Grossman burst onto the scene in 2021 competing in IFSC events and immediately started winning Boulder World Cups one after another. One of the most successful boulder competition climbers with 10 gold medals in all IFSC competitions. Always positive and always smiling regardless of her performance. It is always exciting to watch Natalia climb.

Brooke Raboutou

Born to a family of elite climbers. Brooke Raboutou is the daughter of Didier Raboutou and Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou. Both former world champion competition climbers and leading outdoor sport climbers with notable first-free ascents. Brooke’s brother Shawn Raboutou is a world-class boulderer sending some of the world’s hardest boulder problems. Brooke Raboutou is a short climber compared to her peers but she had consistently outperformed her competitors in World Cups. She qualified for Tokyo 2020 and finished a respectable 5th place.

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