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Rock climbing festivals in Asia is gaining popularity. Climbing is a celebration of freedom of movement, crafts, and humanity. Climbers come together with their exceptional skill set and cultural relevance making every climb a pious ritual. Climbing Festival is a way for climbers to spread that enthusiasm and expand the community.

Whenever adventure seekers gather with only one intention of climbing it makes the stagnant rocks come to life. The barren grasslands or forests suddenly get a human touch. Remote lands then become accessible hence starts the process of plotting an undiscovered site on the world map. Climbing festivals give us a chance to be a tiny part of this mega exploration.

Be it indoors or outdoors, a climbing festival is a party. So if you are planning to join an exciting jamboree we have an exclusive list of climbing festivals held all around Asia. Enjoy.


Thailand needs no introduction, it is one of the busiest climbing destinations on Earth. Every climber probably has already nudged the limestone walls of Thailand or is preparing to sometime soon. Tonsai beach is the most sought after crag, other locations around Bangkok are getting developed too. There are two major climbing festivals in our favourite climbing destination.

Khon Kaen International Bouldering Festival

The Zoolander is a harbour of thousands of sandstone boulders with the potential of infinite intricate lines. With the idea to dig out emerald lines in this treasure land the local climbing club invites climbers from everywhere to spend two days and share their talent. The festival is a great opportunity for you to open a route with your finesse and then post in on 27Crags to leave your mark in nature.

rock climbing festivals in Asia

Organized by: Khon Kaen Climbing Club
Dates: 3rd weekend of January every year
Venue: Khon Kaen Zoo

Central Thailand Climbing Festival

Nam Pha Pa Yai (NPPY) yet another gem of this Asian nation is already quite known in Central Thailand. Thailand Mountain Sports Club along with the local climbing community took an initiative to raise funds to bolt and expand the scope of dirtbagging the area. The festival has competitions to motivate the participants to climb better along with other outdoor activities.

Close to nature yet not far from the capital city, Bangkok, NPPY is an escapade to excellent climbing routes. With over 130 bolted traverses you can pick your dream project or pin one.

Organized by: Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp and Thailand Mountain Sports Club
Dates: 28-29 November 2020
Venue: Nam Pha Pa Yai Cam


The Philippines is a nation with thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean. This lush South Asian nation has a rich rock with hundreds of elegant lines. It is also, famous for its vertical bivouac, the Kiokong has one of the biggest crags of the Philippines. Along with sunbath on the beach plan a climbing trip with the vigour of climbing fiesta.

Bukidnon Rock Climbing Festival

vertical bivouac bukidnon drone shot by adventure technology outfitters

Organized by: Climb Philippines
Dates: June month
Venue: Kiokong (Quezon in Bukidnon)


Yangshuo Moon Hill
PC: duanweiwei –

When it comes to rock climbing in Asia China needs no introduction. This is because the country has an abundance of natural rocks and a generous gift of wonderful karst limestone formations. Of course, the world-famous Moon Hill is one of the most iconic and the climbing festival of Yangshuo calls you to climb on the moon.

Yangshuo Climbing Festival

The idea first started by a pro climber Alex has now become a community-led project. Do not miss the chance to try your fingers on the climber’s paradise.

Organized by: Alex Lingxuan
Dates: A weekend in August/September/October/November
Venue: Guilin Yangshuo


Korea climbing festival PC Minwook Joo
Korea-climbing-festival-PC Minwook Joo

Probably the first of its kind, the gala is dedicated to traditional or crack climbing. Thus, the local climbing community is trying to preserve the pure climbing experience by inculcating and promoting traditional techniques. This festival is supported by UIAA and Korea Alpine Federation. It is sponsored by Black Diamond and the North Face.

To learn more about Trad climbing under expert guidance and touch complex fissures in the granites of Korea this event is the best you can get.

Trad Climbing Festival

Organized by: Crack Crusader
Dates: June month
Venue: Joseung Rock & Camping Site, Jecheon City


India is still not a recognized outdoor climbing destination. However, it has the most bouldering explorations held every year. All of these spots are awesome hidden between the Himalayas and city life. Along with contrasting weather, and high-class rock, the blocks are waiting to be captured by your eyes.

Suru Boulder Fest

The winner of the UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award in 2019. Suru Fest paved the way for outdoor festivals in India. It is a beautiful presentation of adventures in the remotest Suru valley of the Ladakh region. There are unlimited highballs, trad lines, and other extreme sports possible.

Organized by: GraviT Gym
Dates: September month every year
Venue: Suru valley

India climbing festival 1
Climbers and highliners in Suru PC: Praveen Jayakaran
India climbing festival 2
Climbers and highliners in Suru PC: Praveen Jayakaran

Sethan Bouldering Festival

In the lap of the mighty Himalayas, hidden under tall conifers lie sharp granite diamonds. There are enough boulders to spend days yet more is to be discovered. Sethan is suddenly becoming the most popular and accessible hotspot.

Organized by: Local climbers
Dates: May of 2021
Venue: Sethan, Manali

Golden Boulders Climbing Festival, Hampi

The moment you say Hampi, Chris Sharma will come to your mind. This is because he brought this concealed island on the climbing map through the Pilgrimage movie. As depicted in the movie there are more boulders than the human population.

Hampi PC Deepak Pawar

Organized by: Local climbers
Dates: January month every year
Venue: Hampi Island

The best climbing destination in India


The candidate of UIAA Rock Climbing Festival with over 1000 participants coming from every corner of the planet. The rock festival is one of the biggest adventure galas. Amidst granite peaks, the climbers come together to climb lengthy multi-pitch and trad routes.

With more concentration on advanced and intermediate climbers, you might want to advance your abilities before heading to the Kazakhstan Rockies.

Almaty International Rock Climbing Festival

Organized by: Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Dates: August-September
Venue: Tuyuk Su Gorge at Alatau mountain Range, Almaty


Although climbing is not that popular, Israel organizes as they call it the craziest climbing festival in the Gita crag. However, there are still a great number of bolted routes and much to explore.

Rock Fest Gita by Isreal Climbers Club

Organized by: Israel Climbers Club
Dates: NA
Venue: Haifa, Ako, Gita


Turkey is a marvellous country with an abundance of sports, trad, and deep water solo routes. The village of Geyikbayiri having the highest density of 700+ routes is next to the crowded Antalya tourist place. The festival targets scrambling in these stunning formations. However, don’t let the terrain fool you and you don’t have to be worried about the difficulty of the routes. This is because Geyikbayiri provides uncountable options of routes across all grades.

Olympos climbing festival

Organized by: Olympos Rock Climbing
Dates: October month
Venue: Kadir’s Tree House No:1, Antalya Province


You’ve never heard of this country Turkmenistan? Well, not many people do. However, it is not behind in culminating the climbing culture. The Agama Climbing Club hosts various festivals to support and motivate every realm of society. Hence, we could not find the exact details of these festivals. However, these might help if you are ever planning to climb in central Asia.

Ice Climbing Festivals

Apart from Rock Climbing events, numerous Ice climbing ventures are coming up to promote snowy-joey adventures. Therefore, if it is something that gives you an adrenaline rush, below is a list of festivals you can explore.

Piti Dhar International Ice Climbing Festival, India

Ladakh Ice Climbing Festival, India

Screwed Up Fest, Manali, India

Turkey Ice Climbing Festival

Nepal ice-Climbing Festival

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