10 easy multipitch routes to climb in Asia

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10 easy multipitch routes to climb in Asia. Alright, so you have been sport climbing for a while now. You’ve got numerous 10, 20 even 30 metres outdoor sport routes under your belt. Now, you think it is time to progress to something bigger. Well then, multipitch routes are the obvious next step.

Unlike single pitch sport routes, multipitch climbs require a lot more logistical planning. To ease you into multipitch climbing we have selected 10 multipitch routes in Asia. These routes are fairly easy and also easy to get to. So no remote locations or multi hours hike or jungle bashing required… well maybe a little bit of jungle bashing. The grades on these routes range from 5c to 6c adequately bolted. So if you want to get started with multipitch climbing these are the 10 routes you should try.

Training Day – Batu Caves

batu cave climbing
Batu Caves – Malaysia

Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur is a popular crag for climbers of all levels. There are many well-established routes and it’s easy to get to. In fact, most cab drivers in KL will know the specific locations to drop climbers.

There are a handful of multipitch routes at Batu Caves. The highest multipitch route available is “Training Day” at the Nyamuk section of Batu Caves. An easy route for climbers who want to experience multipitch climbing.

Route – Training Day
Height – 87m
Number of pitches – 4
Pitch grade
1 – 15m | 5c
2 – 26m | 5b
3 – 30m | 6b
4 – 16m | 5c

Make Takun Great Again – Bukit Takun

Bukit Takun
Bukit Takun – Malaysia

Bukit Takun is a limestone outcrop located on the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. With an elevation of 300m, Bukit Takun has lots of potential for multipitch climbing. Based on information from thecrag.com there are 5 multipitch routes of more than 100m.

For climbers just starting with multipitch climbing. The easiest multipitch sport route available is “Make Takun Great Again”.

Route – Make Takun Great Again
Height – 100m
Number of pitches – 6
Pitch grade
1 – 6b
2 – 6a+
3 – 5c+
4 – 6a+
5 – 5b+
6 – 5c

2000 Steps – Bukit Takun

Another multipitch sport route at Bukit Takun is “2000 Steps”. This route is 80m and consists of 4 pitches. The hardest grade on 2000 Steps” is 6a at pitch 2.

Route – 2000 Steps
Height – 80m
Number of pitches – 4
Pitch grade
1 – 5b+
2 – 6a
3 – 5b+
4 – 5c+

The Bukit Takun access is through a private housing estate. Residents tolerate climbers’ access to the crag. However, climbers are advised to leave the area before sunset. Hence, climbers attempting multipitch climbs must adhere to the turn-back time so as not to leave after sunset.

Humanality – Tonsai

tonsai bay
Ton Sai – Krabi Thaliand

Krabi Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for climbers in Asia. Climbing routes are easily accessible with a wild selection of routes within walking distance. As for the multipitch climb, the route to try is “Humanality” at Tonsai Wall. It is conveniently located near the Tonsai Bay Resort Restaurant. The route is made up of 7 pitches and goes to a height of 110m.

Route – Humanality
Height – 110m
Number of pitches – 7
Pitch grade
1 – 15m | 5
2 – 10m | 6b
3 – 20m | 6a+
4 – 22m | 6b
5 – 25m | 6b+
6 – 10m | 6b
7 – 10m | 6a

Waltz for a Lovely Wife – Khao Jeen Lae

khao chin lae climbing
Khao Jeen Lae – Thailand

Khao Jeen Lae is a limestone peak 14km east northeast of Lopburi town and 160km north of Bangkok. Known for its amazing sunflower fields, climbers can get to the cliff by walking through a temple and up to the main face. The multipitch route “Waltz for a lovely wife” is 210m consists of 7 pitches. The climb is easy with an average grade of 5. This is a must do route for climbers who are new to multipitch and wants to focus on multipitch ropework and rappelling.

Route – Waltz for a lovely wife
Height – 210m
Number of pitches – 7
Pitch grade
1 – 30m | 5+
2 – 25m | 5
3 – 35m | 5
4 – 30m | 5
5 – 33m | 5+
6 – 33m | 5+
7 – 20m | 4

Corcovado – Khao Jeen Lae

If “Waltz of a loverly wife” is too easy then climbers can attempt “Corcovado”. The route has an average grade of between 6a to 6b consisting of 6 pitches.

Route – Corcovado
Height – 170m
Number of pitches – 6
Pitch grade
1 – 36m | 6a
2 – 30m | 6a
3 – 26m | 6a
4 – 36m | 6b
5 – 17m | 5+
6 – 20m | 2+

Chinese New Year – Pha Tam Kam

Thakek Laos is fast becoming a popular climbing destination in Southeast Asia. The Green Climbers Home resort is the place to go to stay and access all the amazing crag in Thakek.

Thakek is well known for its sport climbing routes. However, for multipitch routes, there is only 1 established. The only multipitch route is “Chinese New Year” at the Pha Tam Kam section. The route has a height of 130m and consists of 4 pitches.

rock climbing thakek
PC: Green Climbers Home

Route – Chinese New Year
Height – 130m
Number of pitches – 4
Pitch grade
1 – 23m | 5b
2 – 30m | 5c+
3 – 33m | 6b
4 – 44m | 5b

Mane Line – Lion Rock

Lion Rock Hong Kong
Lion Rock Hong Kong

Lion Rock in Kowloon is a prominent rock face in Hong Kong. The East Face of Lion Rock is where you will find the “Mane Line” an 8 pitches multipitch route of 120m. The route gives climbers a panoramic view of the surrounding.

Note: Some anchor bolts had been chopped by HK police after the 2019 – 2020 Hong Kong protest.

Route – Mane Line
Height – 120m
Number of pitches – 8
Pitch grade
1 – 17m | 6b
2 – 20m | 5
3 – 10m | 6b+
4 – 17m | 6a+
5 – 20m | 6c
6 – 12m | 6b+
7 – 12m | 6b+
8 – 12m | 6a

L’Echo des Montagnes – Low Mountain


Yangshuo. The climbing capital of China. If you had never been to Yangshuo, you’ll need to do yourself a favour and make Yangshuo your next climbing destination. A beautiful town in the mountains with limestone towers as far as the eyes can see.

One of the most popular routes in Yangshuo is “L’Echo des Montagnes” at Low Mountain. It is an easy multipitch route that rewards climbers with a magnificent view of the Yulong River. The multipitch route has 5 pitches that top out at 150m.

L’Echo des Montagnes multipitch route
L’Echo des Montagnes multipitch route

Route – L’Echo des Montagnes
Height – 150m
Number of pitches – 5
Pitch grade
1 – 25m | 5b
2 – 40m | 5a
3 – 30m | 5a
4 – 25m | 5a
5 – 30m | 5b

Happy New Year – Thumb Peak

“Happy New Year” is an easy route up Thumb Peak. The route is very popular for climbers looking to bag an easy multipitch climb. What makes this route up Thumb Peak stands out is that a short distance away is a busy road with tourists passing by. Tourists will stop to watch and some may even call out to the climbers. Definitely, a multipitch route to climb when in Yangshuo.

Route – Happy New Year
Height – 120m
Number of pitches – 5
Pitch grade
1 – 27m | 5c
2 – 22m | 5b
3 – 22m | 5c
4 – 22m | 5c
5 – 18m | 6a+
6 – 10m | 5a

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