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The Top 10 Climbing YouTubers to watch

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Who are the top 10 climbing YouTubers to watch? To create such a list I’ll need to set a few key criteria for the selection. Since many elite climbers are also YouTubers so I can’t really rank them by how good a climber they are. If that is the criteria Adam Ondra will be on top of the list even if his videos are mediocre. And if the ranking is based purely on the number of views or subscribers then some unknown scantily clad female climber with a YouTube channel will top the chart. I don’t know of any but if you do please share in the comment section. I’ll very much love to subscribe to that channel.

Selection criteria

To qualify for this top 10 climbing Youtubers list. The YouTuber cannot be a professional climber. Or funded by big ass outdoors equipment companies like The North Face, Black Diamond, etc. I am looking for YouTubers with creative, funny, and educational climbing content. If the YouTuber happens to be easy on the eyes will be a big plus 😂.

Here is the list in no particular order.

1 – Geek Climber

Top 10 Climbing YouTubers

The first on the list is climbing YouTuber Geek Climber. The name says it all. A geek who is a climber. I don’t have his real name so let’s use Geek for now. Geek has some very informative content on training progression.

In most of his videos, he’ll use himself as a Guinea pig to test out training methods to improve his climbing. Geek’s videos are very scientific (it’s there in the name) and occasionally funny. But always provide relevant information for climbers who are looking for ways to improve. Some of his videos include hangboard training, muscle up and bouldering technique.

Geek also has videos where he gets pro climbers to give advice and pro tips on climbing techniques, injury prevention, and the work. Pro climbers that Geek had worked with include Paul Robinson and Magnus Midtbø.

Geek’s content is very suitable for novice to intermediate climbers and I highly recommend it to those who are new to the sport.

Check out the channel here


2 – Rock Entry


The YouTuber behind Rock Entry is Waldo. Rock Entry’s contents are mainly focused on the training progression, climbing techniques, and a whole lot of videos on bouldering sessions. His videos have a detailed breakdown of how he trains and pointers on climbing techniques and beta. For just one guy his videos are nicely shot and edited. Although Rock Entry content is lacking in the humour department.

Rock Entry videos are suitable for climbers who are looking for training methods and learning climbing techniques.

Check out the channel here

3 – Albert OK


Albert OK YouTube channel unlike most other Youtubers is not focused on videos of him training or sending hard boulders. A majority of his videos are analyses of climbing beta and styles of elite climbers. In particular, his “Beta Break” series in my opinion is very interesting especially if you are a fan of the IFSC climbing competition.

Check out the channel here


4 – Dab Rats


The 2 ladies behind Bouldering Dab Rats are Annie and Di. The Dab Rats videos mainly revolve around their bouldering sessions in a climbing gym. You wouldn’t learn much about climbing from this channel. But I don’t think that is the purpose of the videos put out by Dab Rats. Their fun and quirky personality make their videos fun to watch which is good as it promotes climbing and encourages people to try out the sport.

If you are thinking about picking up leisure climbing. And you want to know about the lighter side of the sport, apart from videos of crazy 1 arm pull-ups, 2 fingers campus and crazy dynos. Then Dab Rats content will suit you just fine.

Check out the channel here

5 – Eric Karlsson Bouldering


Eric Karlsson is a famous Climbing YouTuber from Sweden. His YouTube videos mainly consist of bouldering sessions with guest climbers. And there are big names on his guest climbers list with the lights of Adam Ondra, Alex Megos, and Magnus Midtbø. If you love bouldering and like to set boulder routes then Eric’s videos are definitely a must-watch.

Check out the channel here


6 – Movement for Climbers

mfc 1

The only thing I know about this YouTuber is he’s an Asian dude that does instructional climbing videos. Movement for Climbers videos is very informative and educational that give clear step-by-step descriptions of climbing techniques and training which is great for climbers who are new to the sport. The videos are filmed and delivered in a very Zen-like manner but it might put you to sleep (but educational nonetheless).

Check out the channel here

7 – HoseokClimb

hoseokclimb 1

Hoseok Lee is a climber/YouTuber from Korea. He is one of those climbers who are obsessed with training and he trains so much that he is crazy strong. Many of his videos document how he trains and his progression up the bouldering grades. This kid trains hard and climbs even harder. You’ll be inspired by the way he climbs. Definitely a channel you should check out.

Check out the channel here

8 – Mani the Monkey


“Welcome to the channel” YouTuber Mani is from Austria. The content he covers on his channel is wide-ranging, such as training, diet, gears, outdoor climbing vlogs, and the works. And yes, he is qualified to cover all those topics. He is a very strong climber thus I believe his advice and so should you.

Check out the channel here


9 – Bouldering Bobat

Bouldering Bobat is made up of a big group of climbers and as the name implies it’s all about bouldering. What can you expect from the channel… lots of bouldering sessions in the bouldering gym. Fun to watch and they do climb hard problems.

Check out the channel here

10 – Hard is Easy


Ben is the YouTuber behind Hard is Easy. A very entertaining YouTube channel both from a climbing education and an entertainment perspective. Unlike most YouTube climbing videos which are filmed in the gym which honestly can be too repetitive. Hard is Easy videos are genuinely funny and are mostly outdoors lead climbing.

A climbing channel with no hangboard training and bouldering gyms is very refreshing. Although there aren’t many videos on the channel, every single one is interesting and educational. His videos cover topics like how to belay safely. How to overcome the fear of falling. How to tie a figure of 8 knot. And a series of climbing equipment safety tests. All of which most experience climbers will know but will still find the videos entertaining.

Hard is Easy is a channel all inexperienced lead climbers should watch. Or if you are sick of watching gym bouldering videos.

Check out the channel here

Make YouTube videos like a pro

If you know other YouTubers channels you think climbers should check out. Feel free to share the YouTube link in the comment section below.

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