Top 10 reasons why women should try bouldering

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Top 10 reasons why women should try bouldering

Top 10 reasons why all women should try bouldering. Ladies, are you getting sick of running on a treadmill and spinning on a stationary bike like a hamster? Exercise to build endurance and strength is great but workouts need to be both fun and exciting.

Is yoga too cliché? Stretching and holding poses as long as you can is not your cup of tea. Or is pole dancing a little too out there for you? Need an exercise to work your core, stretch your body but also engage your mind? Well, you are in luck. Here is an exercise that will give you a great workout that builds your strength, and your core and most importantly engages your brain.

Bouldering is the workout you are looking for. There is a reason why boulder gyms are popping up like McDonald’s. Here are the top 10 reasons why all women should try bouldering.

1) It is a full-body workout all at the same time

Top 10 reasons why all women should try bouldering

There is no need for you to move from 1 exercise equipment to another. You don’t need dumbbells or stationary bikes. Bouldering is about movements and how you engage specific muscles to climb up a particular route. Different movement engages different muscles hence with minor changes to how you climb a route you can work on different muscle groups.

2) Bouldering will improve your grip strength

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Tired of having to ask a man to open a jar of pickles for you? Want to prove to men that you don’t need them to do all the usual “manly stuff”? Well, a few months of bouldering will get you there maybe even sooner than you think. Bouldering requires lots of finger strength especially when you progress to harder climbing grades. In a couple of months’ time, it will be men coming to you for help to open bottles and jars.

3) Women bouldering apparel look so good

woman bouldering
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Women’s climbing apparel has become a fashion statement. Brands like Adidas, Lululemon, Prana and many others are designing sports bras, singlets, leggings and shorts that look so good that you can wear them to the office and turn heads everywhere.

4) Bouldering is not all about brute strength but skill, grace and creativity

If you think participating in the same sport as men may seem like a disadvantage for women. Because women have weaker upper body strength. Think again, brute strength can only get you so far. Having big bulky muscles is not an advantage but a burden. So, don’t be intimidated when you see men with an Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body in a climbing gym. He is a fish out of water. You can kick his Arnold’s size ass with ease. Most… all-women pro climbers have a lean physique and they all look hot. When it comes to bouldering, having good technique, and being creative will help you move gracefully through the boulder problems.

5) Bouldering is a sport that will bring you to some of the coolest places you’ll ever see

rocklands SA
Rocklands South Africa
castle hill
Castlehill NZ
Hampi India
Hampi India

Have Castle Hill in New Zealand, Hampi in India or Rocklands in South Africa been on your travel list? No? Of course not. You are not a boulderer. These are some of the most beautiful places that only climbers will go to. So, if you are sick of a holiday trip where you are surrounded by irritating holidaymakers getting in front of you to take a thousand selfie shots then it’s time to get into bouldering.

6) Pros or novices nobody cares everyone climbs together

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Bouldering gyms are good places to mingle with other climbers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started and are a total Gumby. There is more than 1 way to climb a route if you get stuck the last thing you need to worry about is getting advice from other climbers. Experience climbers are more than happy to dish out boulder tips. Or you can look for other struggling climbers and climb with them to feel better about yourself.

7) Your progression in the sport is measurable literally

For all the corporate ladies if you need to measure success both at work and at play, then bouldering is the sport for you. All boulder routes are graded based on difficulties. Track your progress to gauge how much you have improved if that is your thing. When you find that you can consistently climb harder grades with ease, you’ll know you have made progress.

8) Gives you all the adrenaline rush but less the risk of horrible injury

Need a rush of adrenaline and a sense of fear after work but less the risk of horrible injury? Bouldering will provide you with both. Hanging on your fingertips in a precarious position just one move away from the top handhold. To finish, all you’ll need is to give it your all to launch for the end hold or take a big fall landing on your face onto a 5-inch gym mattress. Not something you get to do at work.

9) Getting to the top is highly addictive

Bouldering is addictive. You’ll know how addictive it is when you have spent weeks working on a route and is just 1 move away from finishing. All you can think of all day is running the sequence of moves you need to execute, where to place your foot, and how to jump to the end hold over and over again in your head. This is a good addiction to have, it helps by keeping your mind off your work, kids, and household chores. And solely focuses all your attention on your boulder project.

10) Meet new friends

When you find conversations with your friends are constantly about how smart their kids are or how horrible their bosses are and blah blah blah. You know it’s time to make new friends. There is no other better place to meet new friends than a bouldering gym. People that are passionate about climbing and love to have fun. Plan overseas rock trips go to new places and put an end to your run-of-the-mill weekends with friends that are boring you to death.

Start bouldering

women bouldering

Bouldering is a form of climbing suitable for entry-level and even first-time climbers. You don’t need to learn about belaying safety or how to use climbing equipment. You don’t even need a climbing partner to start. All you need is a pair of climbing shoes, maybe a chalk bag, and a bit of courage to give it a try. So, start Googling and find a bouldering gym near you.

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