Laura Rogora – Erebor 9b/+

Uncut: Laura Rogora – Erebor 9b/+ Laura Rogora, the amazing Italian dynamite has become the first woman to send 9b/+. Erebor 9b/+, the hardest route

The best rock climbing festivals in Asia

Rock climbing festivals in Asia is gaining popularity. Climbing is a celebration of freedom of movement, crafts, and humanity. Climbers come together with their exceptional

climbing india

The best climbing destinations in India

Climbing diversity in the culturally diverse India Where are the best climbing destinations in India? Do you remember watching Chris Sharma cruise through intricate lines

Bukit Takun

Epic adventure at Bukit Takun

Share your Growth! I wanted to push myself towards bigger challenges. I wanted to progress my life into bigger things. But sometimes these aspirations put

Rock Climbing Batu Punggul Sabah

Developing a new climbing area requires lots of time, money, and effort. Rock climbing is still considered a new sport in Southeast Asia. Although climbing